This article is part of a translation from a french news link.

This article is talking about why Time is money and why we should better not waste it :-)

According a book written by two US authors, Michael Mankins et Eric Garto (1), the difference in productivity between the leading companies and the others is explained by three main factors.

Their main assumption is that the financial resources of a company are nowadays higher than the availability in terms of human skills. This situation can create a real difference between challenging companies. Companies that succeeds are the ones that brings innovation, have original ideas, faster. This innovation may have been brought by individual or teams. Enthusiasm, leadership and creativity can make the difference. Basically human skills.

Therefore what explains the difference of productivity ? Authors performed a study on more than 300 companies and more than twelve activity sectors. Their study goals was to discover the reasons that explain the difference of more than 25% of productivity between these companies.

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