Some months ago, I wrote an article for a new static analysis tool and a great team, Codacy.

The original blog post is there on Dzone and on my Blog.

My first goal was to express my impressions about the tool usage, how does it compare with SonarQube and could it replace the famous solution.

Since, I am still using it on my personal projects.

Today, I have been very happy to see the results of this blog work, I have been placed at the first place of Google ranking about Codacy and Sonarqube.

Google statistics

That’s so great and motivating! I really encourage every developer to write about their passion and work!

By the way, I recommend this article Comparison of Automated Code Review Tools: Codebeat, Codacy, Codeclimate and Scrutinizer for a detailled, exhaustive comparison of Saas static analysis tools.