Using S3 libraries with Minio mock server

Minio WebUI

In the continuation of my previous S3 article, I present you, how to write a S3 Java Sample program that is using a mock S3 server to develop the functionalities. In this article, I will be using : Github Java… Continue Reading


Developing with S3 and Java : useful links

Amazon S3 Webservices

This article is part of my web research to prepare the development of a new feature using Amazon S3 Webservices. I have to develop a new feature using Amazon S3 services. The first discussedd thing with the customer was how… Continue Reading


Parallell issues with Java software : useful links to troubleshoot

Java 8 Threads/Promises/CompletableFuture/ForkNodePool

I am writing a new release of my Spring CQRS Module(link1, link2), including a parallel execution feature. However I am encountering several issues with the Java 8 promises aka CompletableFutures. My issues are : I am using a dedicated ForkNodePool… Continue Reading