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Cleancode principle

Cleancode principle : the boy scout rule

A new cleancode principle : the boyscout rule One of the best cleancode principle. The boyscout rule. If you are interested by a cleancode course, I provide some lessons through Please contact...


Using a self-hosted Cloud IDE in 2018, my TOP 3. I have been recently thinking about the opportunity to use an Cloud IDE for my personal coding projects. Tags: Cloud Computing, DevOps, Featured post, Opensource, Software, Software Factory, Software Quality, State of the...

JBehave : code

Java developer testing toolbox An article dealing with Java application and testing frameworks and related libraries. Tags: Cleancode, Code Quality, Libraries, Opensource, Programming, Software Engineering, Software Quality, Software Technologies, SQA, State of the art, Testing

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SonarQube and ReactJS This article is showing you how to use SonarQube with ReactJS and its JSX files. I will use both SonarQube JavaScript plugin and the additional plugin Sonar EsLint plugin. Tags: Application Lifecycle Management,...