To rewrite or not to rewrite a software

18th June 2018 Sylvain Leroy 1

To rewrite or not rewrite a software ? Writing a software is a incredible difficult task. When the time has come for the software to know the retirement : should we rewrite it ? or have an progressive approach ? Related Posts:SonarQube plugins for AngularJS and Javascript you…Disruption in Software […]

javapoet syntax example

Which framework to generate source code ?

1st June 2018 Sylvain Leroy 0

I have been recently writings tools to convert Beanshell code in Java. This is a technical post to compare some frameworks to generate java source code. Related Posts:Book Review : Java by comparison, how to improve…TOP open-source dashboard solutions 2017Codacy : an easy-to use code quality review solutionZabbix vs Prometheus […]

SonarQube ESLint

New SonarQube ESLint Release 0.3.0

1st April 2018 Sylvain Leroy 0

This article is about a new release of my SonarQube plugin for EsLint. Related Posts:New secret projectNew post (New post (New post (RT Vala Afshar…SonarQube and ReactJSWriting custom Cobol Rules with SonarQubeSonarQube Scanner and Invalid SSL CertificatesRelease of FakeSmtp-junit-runner Tags: Code Quality, Opensource, Programming, Software, Software Quality, Software Technologies