Amazon S3 Webservices

Developing with S3 and Java : useful links

16th February 2018 Sylvain Leroy 1

This article is part of my web research to prepare the development of a new feature using Amazon S3 Webservices. Related Posts:Generating awesome slideshows using JS and VueTogaf and Enterprise architecture interesting links 1I have tried Vue.js and I love itJava In Production : some useful tools for profiling…SonarQube Scanner […]

My weekly DZone”s digest #1

23rd December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 0

This is my first post that offers a digest from a selection of DZone’s articles. I will pick DZone’s article based on my interests. This week the subjects are : BDD Testing, Bad code, Database Connection Pooling, Kotlin, Enterprise Architecture A few benefits you get by doing BDD A few […]