Zabbix vs Prometheus which is the best ?

25th August 2019 Sylvain Leroy 0

Zabbix vs Prometheus which is the best ? In this article, I am presenting my first experience with Zabbix and why I decided to choose it. Related Posts:Code generation and data generator : the best use casesWhich framework to generate source code ?Two of the best machine learning frameworks for […]

JBehave : code

Java developer testing toolbox

31st January 2018 Sylvain Leroy 3

An article dealing with Java application and testing frameworks and related libraries. Related Posts:Test and Data Generation for Java Unit testsCompletableFuture and Java 8 ReactiveTwo of the best machine learning frameworks for Java…Loop using lambdas and streams in Java 8 for lazy dudeConcurrency issues with Java software : useful links…How to […]

SonarQube ESLint plugin

SonarQube ESLint plugin : release 0.2.0

23rd December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 0

This short article to announce a new release of the plugin SonarQube ESLint. Related Posts:New SonarQube ESLint Release 0.3.0SonarQube plugins for AngularJS and Javascript you…SonarQube Scanner and Invalid SSL CertificatesHexo plugin : hexo-generator-slideshareWriting custom Cobol Rules with SonarQubeHow to send notifications to slack with SonarQube Tags: Application Lifecycle Management, Code […]

Vue.js Framework

I have tried Vue.js and I love it

23rd December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 2

I have tried Vue.js and just love it. Some weeks ago, I started a new project for which, I have to build an internet website. Context After spending really long hours on internet, browsing, collecting every possible testimonials and advices and comparing them to my first impressions, I decided to […]

How I switched my blog from OVH to Google Container Engine

23rd December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 0

In this short story, I will relate how I migrate my blog personal website from a classic VM instance to a container using Google Cloud Container Engine and  Kubernetes, Docker, Nginx. Related Posts:How to send Telegram Notifications with Google Cloud…Codacy : a great example of technological blog postBlog Tags: Cloud […]

The disappointing quest for an Headless CMS in 2017

23rd December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 2

In 2017, this blog is powered by Hexo.js. However I am looking for a replacement since Hexo.JS is lacking of crucial features. Related Posts:Quest for a CMS in 2018 : KeystoneJS FeedbackTOP open-source dashboard solutions 2017 Tags: CMS, Software, State of the art, Technologies, Web

Disruption in Software Quality Assessment ?

23rd December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 0

As many other markets, the SQA/ALM Market soon will meet #disruption. Domains like machine learning, deep learning and cloud computing will force it to evolve in the next few years. This article is presenting some predictions about the future of the quality tools. Related Posts:Concurrency issues with Java software : […]


Away/async vs Promises

21st December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 0

Today I have felt on an interesting article about Javascript promises and the new functionality of async/await. Tags: Programming, Software Technologies, Web