Zabbix vs Prometheus which is the best ?

25th August 2019 Sylvain Leroy 0

Zabbix vs Prometheus which is the best ? In this article, I am presenting my first experience with Zabbix and why I decided to choose it. Related Posts:Which framework to generate source code ?Two of the best machine learning frameworks for Java…Code generation and data generator : the best use […]

Legacy Software migration

How to do a legacy software migration : a successful checklist

16th March 2018 Sylvain Leroy 1

Here is a small checklist about how to migrate a legacy migration and to ensure its success. This article is part of my work to explain my knowledge about Software migration in the company Byoskill. Related Posts:Disruption in Software Quality Assessment ?Software Quality Weekly Review March 2018How Docker is disrupting […]

Leave your comfort zone

How to make a software developer happy ?

4th March 2018 Sylvain Leroy 0

To be or not to be (happy), that’s the question. In this article, I expose some thoughts about what could make a software developer happy in his work. I wrote this article with several targeted audience in mind : Junior developers, Senior Techleads and H&R resources. Related Posts:Java developer testing […]

How to implement CQRS with Spring : new framework

24th December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 2

This article is a presentation of a new little framework, I have developed and used on several projects. The framework is for Spring Framework and requires Java 8.0. The code is on GitHub and downloadable from Bintray or JCenter. Related Posts:New post (New post (New post (RT Vala Afshar…New SonarQube […]

Togaf and Enterprise architecture interesting links 1

23rd December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 0

Today I have produced a short list of links interesting about Togaf and Entreprise architecture. Related Posts:SonarQube plugins for AngularJS and Javascript you…How to tune your JVM memory and track your GC Usage ?Concurrency issues with Java software : useful links…SonarQube Scanner and Invalid SSL CertificatesBook Review : Java by […]

My weekly DZone”s digest #1

23rd December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 0

This is my first post that offers a digest from a selection of DZone’s articles. I will pick DZone’s article based on my interests. This week the subjects are : BDD Testing, Bad code, Database Connection Pooling, Kotlin, Enterprise Architecture A few benefits you get by doing BDD A few […]

Vue.js Framework

I have tried Vue.js and I love it

23rd December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 2

I have tried Vue.js and just love it. Some weeks ago, I started a new project for which, I have to build an internet website. Context After spending really long hours on internet, browsing, collecting every possible testimonials and advices and comparing them to my first impressions, I decided to […]

How migrate from JBoss 5 to 7

23rd December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 0

This article is part of my working notes on the subject of "How to migrate Web applications running on JBoss AS 5 to the version 7". JBoss Application Server – Wildfly I will go straight to the details though here is some lines about JBoss Server. From Wikipedia : JBoss […]