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Zabbix vs Prometheus which is the best ? In this article, I am presenting my first experience with Zabbix and why I decided to choose it.


Cobol Custom Rule

In this article, I present how to write custom Cobol rules with SonarQube and some caveats I encountered. The targeted audience should have some basic compiler knowledge (AST, Lexical analysis, Syntaxic analysis).


Cleancode principle

A new cleancode principle : the boyscout rule

One of the best cleancode principle. The boyscout rule.

If you are interested by a cleancode course, I provide some lessons through byoskill.com Please contact me.

For more articles about code quality, check the category Code Quality.

Cleancode principle : boyscout rule
Cleancode principle : boyscout rule

Leave your comfort zone

To be or not to be (happy), that’s the question. In this article, I expose some thoughts about what could make a software developer happy in his work. I wrote this article with several targeted audience in mind : Junior developers, Senior Techleads and H&R resources.


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