Zabbix vs Prometheus which is the best ?

25th August 2019 Sylvain Leroy 0

Zabbix vs Prometheus which is the best ? In this article, I am presenting my first experience with Zabbix and why I decided to choose it. Related Posts:Two of the best machine learning frameworks for Java…Which framework to generate source code ?Code generation and data generator : the best use […]

About me

18th March 2018 Sylvain Leroy 0

You are on this site because we are sharing the same passion : Software My name is Sylvain Leroy and I am software programmern, startup funder. My speciality is to save software from all kind of sickness. What is defining me the most precisely is my passion for Software and […]

Writing an integration test with a mail server

23rd December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 1

This is a simple example of code to demonstrate how to use the library fakesmtp-junit-runner to write integration tests with mail servers. The library has been released on GitHub and Maven Central. Related Posts:Writing custom Cobol Rules with SonarQubeTest and Data Generation for Java Unit testsUsing S3 libraries with Minio […]

Test and Data Generation for Java Unit tests

23rd December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 0

Today I was preparing a presentation about Software Code quality for a TechTalk on Thursday. I made a search on Internet about Automatic Unit test generator and Data Generators. I will present some tools I have tried. Today, we will speak of Randoop. Randoom Test Generator The first tool name […]

How Docker is disrupting Legacy IT Companies

23rd December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 3

Thanks to its popularity, Docker has disrupted many companies and blurred the silos between Developers and Operations. In this article, based partially on my own experiences. Related Posts:How to do a legacy software migration : a successful…Stop/Remove All Docker containers Tags: Application Lifecycle Management, Software, Software Technologies, Technologies

Codacw tendancy analysis

Codacy : an easy-to use code quality review solution

23rd December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 1

Some time ago, I organized a talk on “Code Quality and why developers should care about” for my company. In that presentation, I demonstrate some tools, unfamiliar for the audience : young developers and battle-hardened IT developers. One among these tools has brought to me a lot of questions : […]

Digital Transformation

Five trending technologies for Digital Transformation

21st December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 1

Today I stumbled upon that interesting article. That is a summary / prediction of some emerging technologies that are useful for the Digital Transformation. Have you ever tried them ? Related Posts:FlexNG: Adobe Flex to Angular 8+ Code Transformation ToolDigital Transformation Interesting Links #1Eleven contributing technologies to Digital Transformation Tags: […]