Cobol Custom Rule

Writing custom Cobol Rules with SonarQube

27th August 2018 Sylvain Leroy 0

In this article, I present how to write custom Cobol rules with SonarQube and some caveats I encountered. The targeted audience should have some basic compiler knowledge (AST, Lexical analysis, Syntaxic analysis). Related Posts:How to send notifications to slack with SonarQubeSonarQube Scanner and Invalid SSL CertificatesWriting an integration test with […]

Leave your comfort zone

How to make a software developer happy ?

4th March 2018 Sylvain Leroy 0

To be or not to be (happy), that’s the question. In this article, I expose some thoughts about what could make a software developer happy in his work. I wrote this article with several targeted audience in mind : Junior developers, Senior Techleads and H&R resources. Related Posts:To rewrite or […]

Amazon S3 Webservices

Developing with S3 and Java : useful links

16th February 2018 Sylvain Leroy 1

This article is part of my web research to prepare the development of a new feature using Amazon S3 Webservices. Related Posts:Digital Transformation Interesting Links #1SonarQube plugins for AngularJS and Javascript you…How to tune your JVM memory and track your GC Usage ?Test and Data Generation for Java Unit testsConcurrency […]

JBehave : code

Java developer testing toolbox

31st January 2018 Sylvain Leroy 3

An article dealing with Java application and testing frameworks and related libraries. Related Posts:Loop using lambdas and streams in Java 8 for lazy dudeDeveloping with S3 and Java : useful linksHow to make a software developer happy ?Test and Data Generation for Java Unit testsJava In Production : some useful tools […]

How to implement CQRS with Spring : new framework

24th December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 2

This article is a presentation of a new little framework, I have developed and used on several projects. The framework is for Spring Framework and requires Java 8.0. The code is on GitHub and downloadable from Bintray or JCenter. Related Posts:Which framework to generate source code ?New post (New post […]

Writing an integration test with a mail server

23rd December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 1

This is a simple example of code to demonstrate how to use the library fakesmtp-junit-runner to write integration tests with mail servers. The library has been released on GitHub and Maven Central. Related Posts:Test and Data Generation for Java Unit testsWriting custom Cobol Rules with SonarQubeUsing S3 libraries with Minio […]

TOP open-source dashboard solutions 2017

23rd December 2017 Sylvain Leroy 1

A Dashboard can be a very efficient communication tool for a team, between managers and business units. It enables an organization around a vision to share common goals. It can also be useful to identify weaknesses in processes and adapt your strategy according to them. Related Posts:Using a self-hosted Cloud […]