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    25 déc. 2017

    You did not choose your: 1 birthplace 2 skin color 3 birth parents, family 4 birth gender 5 birth language 6 birth name 7 ethnicity 8 born abilities You can choose to be: 1 kind 2 generous 3 honest 4 grateful 5 respectful 6 optimistic 7 humble 8 teachable 9 faithful 10 happy

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    il y a 15 minutes

    20 cognitive biases that mess up your decisions

  3. il y a 15 minutes

    This state in India 🇮🇳 is giving land rights to 65 million of its people.

  4. il y a 15 minutes

    20 cognitive biases that mess up your decisions

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    il y a 19 heures

    Combined valuation: Apple Amazon May 2018: Google $3.02 trillion Facebook Apple Amazon May 2008: Google $364 billion Facebook

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    il y a 12 heures

    Top 10 sectors most susceptible to disruption by within the next five years: 1 Financial Transactions 2 Micro-payments 3Banking 4 Supply Chain 5 Crowdfunding 6 Securities Trading 7 Voting 8 Healthcare 9 Cloud Storage 10 Virtual Property

  7. il y a 8 heures

    These are not signs of weakness, but strength: 1 asking clarifying questions 2 seeking advice 3 forgiving first 4 showing vulnerability 5 sharing your dreams with others 6 demonstrating humility 7 being accountable 8 gracefully telling the truth 9 when stuck, asking for help

  8. il y a 9 heures

    I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned. —Professor Richard Feynman

  9. il y a 9 heures

    The saddest aspect of life now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom. —Isaac Asimov

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    il y a 14 heures

    Lightning travels at speeds of up to 200 million miles per hour. It comes, literally, in a flash, and often disappears before you can reach for your camera. That makes it pretty hard to photograph—unless you’re a pro like Jason Weingart. See more here:

  11. il y a 9 heures

    Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great. —Mark Twain

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    4 mars

    Advice I needed when I was young 1 read and write more 2 stay healthy and fit 3 networking is about giving 4 practice public speaking 5 stay teachable 6 find a mentor 7 keep in touch with friends 9 you are not your job 10 know when to leave 11 growth is from intentional struggle

  13. il y a 9 heures

    This 'plastic' bag is 100% biodegradable and made of plants

  14. il y a 9 heures

    A study by RAND Corporation, a think-tank, found that deploying autonomous vehicles even when they are only 10% safer than human drivers would save far more lives in the long run (more than 500,000 over 30 years in America alone) than waiting until they are, say 90% safer.

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    14 mai

    This year, Canada plans to admit 310,000 immigrants and refugees, equivalent to 0.8% of its population

  16. il y a 10 heures

    There is no career ladder. Work hard, lift up others with you, and you become the ladder.

  17. a retweeté
    2 mai

    I asked 100+ wildly successful people what advice they would give to their younger selves. The most common answer: “Relax. Don’t worry so much.”

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    20 mars

    "Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss

  19. a retweeté
    7 avr.

    Marie Curie was exposed to such high doses of radiation that 100 years later her research notebooks need to be kept sealed in a lead-lined box. She is considered the mother of modern physics and is the only person to win a Nobel Prize in 2 different sciences: Physics, Chemistry

  20. il y a 10 heures

    The rise of mindfulness is unquestionably a positive development. The practice is helping people manage stress and maximize creativity. Mindfulness is much more than a mental fitness tool; it’s an asset for leaders seeking to perceive the world and make better strategic choices.

  21. il y a 10 heures

    .: 56% of all display ad dollars were lost to fraudulent inventory in 2016 — cost of ad fraud globally is expected to increase to $50 billion over the next decade. Study of programmatic advertising revealed that 79% of advertisers expressed worries about transparency.


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