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How do I become a happy software developer?

3 Answers
Jagdeep Jain

In single line:

Learn, Apply your learning, enjoy the fruits.

Software Industry is depends on software engineers, if a software engineer is happy company will be able to produce good software produce or able to provide best in category services.

You have to follow few things in order to achieve happiness.

  1. Sleep by 10 or 11 PM at max.
  2. Wake up by 6 AM
  3. Go out for running or some physical activity.
  4. 7:30 AM Take breakfast
  5. 8:00 AM start for office
  6. 11:00 AM take a break
  7. 12:30 PM take lunch
  8. 3:00 PM taken another break
  9. 4:30 PM leave office
  10. Come home and watch TV or anything else but not be with computer / laptop

Now the development activities:

  • Take to QA/PO/Team to understand requirements clearly
  • Ask QA to do Desk check once you develop the story/requirement/peace of code
  • Teach the QA about the technical aspects
  • Keep your ego out of team and work
  • During breaks meet other team members
  • Discuss with Learning and Development team for new and upcoming technologies and how you can teach software engineers
  • During office HRs write some tech. blog
  • During office HRs play TT or something which will keep you aside from work
  • When you work then just work no facebook/twitter/social networking


Lewis Nakao

A happy software developer is a healthy one!

Writing code is a mentally exhausting profession and, at the end of the day, it’s really easy to get into the groove of not doing anything else for the rest of the day. So if there was one thing I would focus on with my extra time is exercising. As a parent, I squeeze in what little extra time I have on exercise.

There is a lot of pressure to learn new programming languages and frameworks to stay ahead, which I feel like I should be doing, but it’s a pretty big commitment to sit down after programming for a whole day of work only to do more at home. It wouldn’t hurt to dedicate yourself to this, but I would put my health as a priority ahead of this one. As an observation, I have realized that it’s an investment that will come back in your later years.

Moray Taylor

You simply need to debug your UnhappinessException, or maybe some kind of brute force solution like this…

while (true) {

I don’t mean to be flippant, but it’s true, you need to look at what is making you unhappy and fix those things.

As a developer, I can get bored if I’m doing the same thing everyday, and that can make the day fairly miserable, so I switch to something else, I find it good to have a couple of projects on the go at once, so I jump between them if I’m stagnating.

Also, having things outside of software development is good, especially things that involve being in the real word, maybe even… Outside