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Top 5 Skills Java Developers Should Learn In 2021 (on DZONE)

As a Java developer, you absolutely must take advantage of this respite at home to learn the 5 ultimate skills that will set you apart from other coders.

I wrote an article on DZone,

This article is about the 5 skills you should try to obtain for this year 2021.

Here is the list and for more details, jump to the article.

1. Keep Pace With Java Version 9, 10, 11… 16

Even if most of the Java projects I am working with are on Java 8 and 1. Java’s development pace has accelerated. With several releases per year, you should definitely have a look at the new features.

2. Become a Master of the Subtleties of the Java Language

Java may be a boring language but it comes with a lot of subtleties and tricks to make your code either faster or safer.

My article presents you with some crucial skills you should definitely acquire.

3. Give TDD a Try

TDD is everywhere: training, videos, meetup, katas, wannabe coding ninjas Linkedin posts, so why not give it a try?

I propose you a method to acquire the skills to discover TDD comfortably and with pleasure into the article.

4. Find Your Way Around the Microservices Architecture With Spring Boot 2

Even if Quarkus is laying on the JEE stack, most Java applications are using Spring. How do you well know Spring, Spring boot, and its libraries?

Let’s have a look at the article about the most useful Spring libraries.

5. Be a Polyglot

Don’t do the mistake to confuse the Java language and the JVM. The JVM is a powerful software able to interpret and execute several other languages.

One of the most known is Groovy but with the arrival of GraalVM, we have a totally new range of available languages to write portable software into the Cloud.

If you are interested in recommendations about Java skills, let’s have a look at my other articles :


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