Concurrency issues with Java software : useful links to troubleshoot

I am writing a new release of my CQRS Module(link1, link2), including a execution feature. Concurrency issues can be hard to solve especially with new features.

The issue with promises

However I am encountering several issues with the Java 8 promises aka CompletableFutures.

My issues are :

  • I am using a dedicated ForkNodePool but some promises are stilled created outside my pool
  • Some threads are slow to die (WAITING state is too long)
  • Completable.allOf is creating promises in the common ForkNodePool
  • I had an exceeded waiting thread exception

Here is two links that are helping me a lot to solve these problems :

These two articles are well documented and explain into the details how Java/Threads/Java/JVM/Promises and parallel streams works.

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