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Quality code review : some articles

Why the architecture of your software matters :

Intersting maven plugin :

Is TDD Dead by Robert Martin :

Why the code quality should be your brand :

Software development hygiene :


Articles about Java 8 and some tips and hints.


A few benefits you get by doing BDD : ://

The difference between TDD and BDD :

What is test driven development :


Issue resolution anti patterns :
Eleven continuous delivery anti patterns :
vs Siloed Cultures :
Test trends and recommandations :

Software Testing

Why software testing matters :
What’s new in 5 :
JUnit 4 and 5 comparison :
based application migrating to Junit 5 :
Writing custom assertj assertions :
Hamcrest vs AssertJ :
Embrace JUnit 5 ?

Which UI and API Tools should you use for testing :
Writings tests with Junit 5 and CDI 2.0 :
Without testing you are building :
Websuite UI Testing :
TOP10 websites for every software tester :
TOP15 UI Test automation best practices :
Best automation testing tools for 2018 :
Why do programmers fail to write good unit tests :
The 13  haunts of testing :
User acceptant test frameworks :

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Why Hibernate is an antipattern

Hibernate : solving the n+1 problem :


Interview questions

Architecture :

Review of the book Cldanc architecture by Robert Martin :

DevOps checklist :

1. Inconsistent Environments
2. Manual Intervention
3. SDLC Maturity
4. Legacy Change Management Processes
5. Lack of Operational Maturity
6. Outdated testing practices
7. Automating waste
8. Competing or Misaligned Incentives and Lack of Shared Ownership
9. Dependence on Heroic Efforts
10. Governance as an Afterthought
11. Limited to No Executive Sponsorship

Reference :

Environments :

Best practice for test and production environments  :

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