How to send notifications to slack with SonarQube

How to send notifications to with ? What are the best plugins ?  That is what we are going to discover in this post.


Unless you live on another developer planet, SonarQube is an platform, sold by the SonarSource company. The platform is delivering a quite huge set of features and even if competitors (read also this) exist on the market, IMHO they are the leaders.

SonarQube platform 7.2
SonarQube platform 7.2

SonarQube comes with a large set of plugins. Official registered one, mostly maintained by SonarSourcem are available in the Marketplace and some confidential ones listed on a wiki page of SonarSource or directly found on .

In the past, the OSS community seem to be wider and ready to produce plugins. However the frequent API changes and their commercial behavior have slightly decreased the interest, IMHO.

Why Slack in this affair ?

Slack is an instant messaging platform offering workgroups and additional features over IRC (but still IRC is better 🙂  Since a lot of teams have adopted Slack, itÙs natural to receive the notifications in your coding channel. However no official still exists.

Slack plugins for SonarQube

I browsed the page Other plugins to find referenced some Slack plugins for SonarQube.

I have retained two plugins from @kogitant and @keiki. The plugin from @tomhoag was cool but old and unmaintained.

Slack SonarQube  plugin screenshot
Slack SonarQube plugin screenshot

The keiki plugin seems to most recent ones but seems unfinished. The master branch has no code and the kotlin branch less features than @kogitant.

Since the @kogitant version has worked but is an uncertain state (unmaintained), I have resumed the coding and have integrated on my own fork, the several P/R and a new feature.

You can download the plugin there :

Slack SonarQube  plugin screenshot
Slack SonarQube plugin screenshot

Wish you all the best.


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