Five trending technologies for Digital Transformation

Today I stumbled upon that interesting article. That is a summary / prediction of some emerging that are useful for the . Have you ever tried them ?

Five trending technologies

These technologies are :

  • Apache Spark : the well-known solution for Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Okta : a solution that I have used in a previous to federate identity and authentication. A Saas service that provides SSO/SAML authentication. Its usage could be better documented tough take a look at it!
  • MultiChain : a software tool for web asset and legal contracts on blockchain, allows its customers to whether the chain is private or public
  • Puppet : Puppet is an IT solution that I have also used during the past two years to build Software factories. I am rather dubious how the solution is nowadays comparing against and its ecosystem. It’s basically a client agent/ soljtion to deploy servers and applications. The worst of all is that it’s written in Ruby 🙂
  • Capriza : Capriza seems to be a low- solution. I personaly did not know it since we have many partnerships with other solutions in my new Company (as Appway). I will take a look at it too.

The link 5 technologies for rapid Digital Transformation

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