Hi I have developed a rather small plugin for the great static site hexo hexo.

If you still don’t know Hexo is a static site generator written in that allows you to fast blogs without the burden to instantiate a full CMS like WordPress.

This website is powered up by Hexo. Since I am writing sometimes Slideshare presentations, I have decided to build a small plugin to display Slideshare presentations.

The plugin is available there Github repo.

To install the plugin, simply write the command inside your Hexo folder :

npm install hexo-generator-slideshare --save

And then your site is ready to embed slideshare presentations by adding the following tag :

{% slideshare slideshareID %}

More informations are available on : – npmreadme

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By Sylvain Leroy

Senior Software Quality Manager and Solution Architect in Switzerland, I have previously created my own company, Tocea, in Software Quality Assurance. Now I am offering my knowledges and services in a small IT Consulting company : Byoskill and a website www.byoskill.com Currently living in Lausanne (CH)

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