Modularizing C/C+ Softwares

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A presentation I made (in french) about how to modularize C/C++ Softwares and the various ways to implement it.

Here is the summary of the presentation.

Primary goals :

– How to scaffold a C/C++ Software ?
– What is the difference between a regular include directive and a system include directive ?
– Understand how the include directives works with CMake
– How to write appropriately a C/C++ header ?

Secondary goals :
– How to export symbol and definitions ?
– How to optimize dependencies between files
– How to generate precompiled headers
– Best practices to produce C/C++ modules

Here the full presentation:
[slideshare id=54013887&doc=rappelsmodularisationapplicationcc-151016091120-lva1-app6892]

Sylvain Leroy

Senior Software Quality Manager and Solution Architect in Switzerland, I have previously created my own company, Tocea, in Software Quality Assurance. Now I am offering my knowledges and services in a small IT Consulting company : Byoskill and a website www.byoskill.com Currently living in Lausanne (CH)