Quest for a CMS in 2018 : KeystoneJS Feedback framework framework

I have received several requests after my first article dealing with CMS, Headless CMS (KeyStoneJS) and the rather gloomy conclusion.

This article is giving a feedback of my next experiences.


KeystoneJS logo

KeystoneJS logo

At that time, I decided to give a try to KeystoneJS and build up my own solution.

I have started with Keystone.

But I encountered a major issue with the framework. Despite being fluent with Node.js and some other frameworks.

I could not enter in KeystoneJS.The reason is I had to adapt my previous blog data (tags and categories) into the new structure. The immediate impact I had to learn the glory details of the framework to see how adding a field to a structure, a picture etc.

I had the feeling to learn a totally new framework where my Mongoose knowledge wasn’t helping me.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good framework however my skills were not enough good to quickly adopt the technology.

A reboot

I decided to decrease the barrier of adoption by picking a CMS technology that would use only standard technologies and if possible no intermediate framework.

I looked for a starter pack using the technologies Node.js , MongoDB, Express, Helmet and Vue.js 2.0.

I found the really great starter :

And I plugged quite easily my Vue.js template on this backend.

I was quite happy, refactored it to my needs.

More industrial solution framework framework

Finally my friend recommended me to use the loopback framework backed up by IBM.

I rewrote my already working project (from the previous template) in in a couple of days.

I still have my Vue.js template outside since I built it with vue.cli and it was a little bit complicate to integrate it.

Next to read  Which framework to generate source code ?

I have been able to get a working small version of my blog using loopback and Vue.js

My future article is talking about, a new CMS solution.JS

Current solution

I had to remove my Hexo blog since I was very very late in the writing of new articles.

My new solution works but it’s a prototype and I still have the issue to not have a working online editor.

The development of a solution is great and really easy with KeystoneJs or, but during this time I am not writing articles and it’s annoying me.

I am back on a wordpress for publishing reason and I am giving a try with for which I will write a new article soon.


Sylvain Leroy

Senior Software Quality Manager and Solution Architect in Switzerland, I have previously created my own company, Tocea, in Software Quality Assurance. Now I am offering my knowledge and services in a small IT Consulting company : Byoskill and a website www.byoskill.comCurrently living in Lausanne (CH)

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