I was the guest of an amazing French IT company Slickteam last week.  The subject was to share experience and tricks about Cleancode.

Feedback of the session Cleancode

Slickteam is a small and young IT company with an incredible and dynamic energy. Based in Rennes.

The goal of this session was to prepare their most skilled Java coders for a course about “How to code clean”. The session is obviously inspired by our master Robert C. Martin (

This session is talking about Code quality, testing (unit, automation, TDD, BDD), code smells and software architecture design.


cleancode session in Rennes with Slickteam
cleancode session in Rennes with Slickteam

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If you are interested by the subject of the Code Quality, you may read some other articles.

Byoskill is a small company that accompany the young and dynamic companies in their fast and competitive market by providing coaching, mentoring and software development boost.

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