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Test and Data Generation for Java Unit tests


Today I was preparing a presentation about Software quality for a TechTalk on Thursday. I made a search on the Internet about Automatic generators and Generators. I will present some tools I have tried. Today, we will speak of Randoop.

Randoom Test Generator

Randoom Test Generator

The first tool’s name is Randoop. This is existing since 2007 and its purpose is to generate automatically unit tests 🙂 Directly from your definition!

To use it you have two choices:

  • You can use your JAR or classpath directory.
  • You can include it in your test compile path (on Gradle or maven) and creates a main or unit test.

To explain shortly the theory, thanks to the Java reflection it’s quite easy to produce automatic tests validating some contracts of your API.

Some examples: – toString() should never return null or throws an Exception – equals() and compareTo() methods have a long list of constraints – Reflexivity: o.equals(o) == true – Symmetry: o1.equals(o2) == o2.equals(o1) – Transitivity: o1.equals(o2) && o2.equals(o3) ⇒ o1.equals(o3) – Equals to null: o.equals(null) == false – It does not throw an exception

Therefore this is generating unit tests with JUnit(TestSuite) for the list of classes you provide.

I have done some tests and you can reach 50-60% of coverage quite easily.

The main drawbacks of the solution are: – The unit tests are drawing a snapshot (precise picture) of your and its behavior however some tests are really non-sense and you don’t want to edit them. – They don’t replace handwritten tests since the is not understanding the different between a String parameter emailand fullName. He will mostly use dumb strings.

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About the technology, it’s not production-ready: – I had troubles with the jar and its dependency plume. – The JAR is a fat jar and coming with dependencies that broke my software.

In conclusion, I will fork the and try to fix the problems to make it more popular 🙂

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