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My ScaleUp 360 Legacy IT Conference : Big bang or Iterative evolution


ScaleUp 360 Legacy IT is an important conference on legacy issues, and I was honored to have been invited this year as a speaker to share my experience. You can watch on this page the movie of my speech at the conference.

I am aware that I am not a perfect English speaker and that the most demanding people forgive me for the misuse of their language. If you are interested about and your company located in Europe or Japan, please note that I may help you with the company Metrixware.com with which I am a partner.

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ScaleUP 360 Legacy IT Bigbang or Iterative evolution content
ScaleUP 360 Legacy IT Bigbang or Iterative evolution content



Few preliminary words

Before I begin, I would like to thank the conference organizers and especially Robin for his kindness and the care taken in the organization. This presentation is a bit special for me because conferences on Legacy applications are infrequent.

It is never easy to explain one’s profession when it is specialized around Legacy applications and modernization. It is often said that I am the one working “on old stuff”. Originally, I have a specialization as a research engineer for the creation of code analysis tools and refactoring in order to correct and security problems, if possible automatically.

This work led me to set up my own company, Tocea. This company was acquired by the Metrixware group whose activities were complementary. Since then, I have been pursuing a career as a modernization specialist and I work as a freelance and sometimes on long term assignments in companies. Currently, I am Solution Architect at SALT, the 3rd largest telecom operator in Switzerland, and I am in charge of the modernization of applications related to payment and billing systems.

In this presentation around the topic BigBang or Iterative evolution, I would like to share my experience of modernization projects, either those I can meet at SALT or the many I have led or assisted in previous years.

I hope that this retrospective will interest you and bring you a perhaps different eye for your next IT projects.

My decision framework to migrate a Legacy

In this video, I talk about the framework to take my decisions around Legacy applications. You can read more details about my thoughts on the following articles:

The video


Need to know more ?

If you are concerned by the issue of modernization and need to convince your managers or your teams about legacy and know the best practices and how to decide the life or death of your applications, contact me.

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